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and here i go…. till next time tumblr… till next time

less than 12 hours and then ill be gone for roughly a year… i had a beautiful day. Droped my 5th step and had dinner with my sponcer. Went to a meeting and now im laying in bed having a late night talk with kiwi and cuddling with my best friend chew chew. Imma miss my dog.. rccc isnt going to be fun but whatever. :) atleast the food is edible. 83 days clean today. Now thats a blessing.


I’m growing cold…. Heartless…. Not a feeling. Just blank. At the end of the day I still lay down next to you though and feel loved does that fall under a feeling? I don’t know. I lust over things. I would die for my needle i would step in front of a train for you. But everything else? Not a worry…

Ive came a long way since this post. Im proud of myself.

One more day of freedom. And im spending it finishing my 4th step. And dinner tonight with my sponcer. Tomorrow at 830 i kiss the world as i know it good bye for a year. The fear i have is rediculous but im ready to get it done. found out my time in placer i dont get half time for. Oh well. I love you guys

So what i choose to do is fuck prop 36 in sac county. Im going to just go do my time. So…. 95 days in custody with half in sac… then 180 days with no half in placer…. starting the 21st. Or 24th.